Galileo HUD Dive Computer: Designed to Keep You Fully Immersed in Your Dive

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Back in 2017, French startup Thalatoo announced Maoi, a diving computer device mounted on the head of a scuba mask (HUD). Now, a bigger name enlivens the game, because California-based company called Scubapro has released its own product called the Galileo HUD Dive Computer.

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As is the case with Maoi, the idea behind Galileo HUD is that instead of having to look down at wrist-mounted devices, divers will be able to check important dive statistics just by glancing at the micro-colored LED screens that are projected onto their peripheral vision.

The display is visible in all lighting conditions and appears to be floating about 1 meter in front of the diver. Galileo HUD has neutral buoyancy with a maximum operational depth of up to 120 m, operates up to 20 hours on a single lithium-ion battery charge.

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The product is then mounted on a variety of compatible Scubapro masks – the display unit can be lowered above the diver’s right eye, however, it can be increased again when it is not needed. The mechanism didn’t alter with the awareness level of the diver.

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In order to operate the product, the diver only needs to using push and twist buttons on the side of the computer, the diver then can switch between the four operating modes and various screen configurations, depending on the type of dive they are doing and the data they need.

Among these data is the maximum depth achieved, current depth, compass, dive time, stop time, remaining dive time, current gas mixture, down / up speed, altimeter, and GPS.

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In addition, if the diver buys an optional wireless transmitter module, the attachment can be installed in the regulator which will transmit the tank air pressure readings in real-time. By calculating the workload of their breath, this information allows the computer to calculate the remaining dive time in more detail.

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Galileo HUD is also capable of recording more than 10,000 hours of diving profiles with 2GB of internal memory. After each dive, the data can be synchronized with Bluetooth or a USB cable to a digital dive log on a separate computer or mobile device.

The product is priced at $ 1,699 for a package that includes a transmitter and is available through the official website.

  • Number of Gases: 8
  • Gas Capability: Trimix, 21-100% Nitrox
  • Algorithm: ZH-L16 ADT MB PMG
  • Operating Modes: Scuba, Gauge, CCR
  • Display Type: Color
  • Max Operating Depth: 120m
  • Memory Capacity: 2GB
  • Depth Rating: 120m
  • Battery Replacement Type: Rechargeable
  • Number of Control Buttons: 1


Galileo HUD Dive Computer

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