Essence Motorcycle e-raw 04 [signature]: Built to Order, Made to Measure

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Recently, many motorized vehicles are getting uniquely designed and let go off the boundary which is the real attraction. One of the manufactures that follow the unique design language is Essense Motorcycle with their e-raw lineup.

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The company, located in Lyon recently launched an electric-powered iron horse that is not only unique but very artistic. They called the e-raw 04 [signature]. The overall design is already astonishing but wait until you get to know the motorbike better.

For those of you who are following the development of the Essence Motorcycle, you might think that this e-raw version will rely on attractive torque. But, you probably won’t find it on this version.

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First, you will be amazed by the design of the tank and seat cases that are made together. Usually, these parts are made of carbon fiber, plastic or iron. However, e-raw has anti-mainstream material that was never thought of, namely plywood.

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Another uniqueness is seen from the newfangled trellis chassis made of iron pipe. Typically, this kind of chassis is used on superbikes or sportbikes. Next, the swing arm sector of the legs is made of aluminum which is fitted with Ohlins shock. The same product is also used in the front suspension.

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The motorbike looks dashing won’t need you to bend because you can ride it in an upright position. So, your back health can be safer. The specialty of this motorbike lies not only in its design but also the specifications that are installed on it.

Let’s start with Pymco electric motor that pushes the e-raw signature to be capable of releasing 109 horsepower.

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Electric motorcycles will usually emit the strongest power in a short time and then the power will be reduced at a certain time. However, you will not feel that while riding e-raw. The power-packed motorbike will make your driving experience become more enjoyable.

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The e-raw signature also uses a battery made by Pierre-Yves with Quick Charging technology that can be used up to a distance of 185 km. With a maximum speed of 155 kph, the e-raw signature got an acceleration capability that can push the motorbike from 0-100 kph in 3.5 seconds.

E Raw 04 Signature 4

The bikemaker will label the e-raw signature in a limited built which is 10 units with customization options according to the wishes of the buyers.

As for price issue, the e-raw signature offers a price tag that is comparable to the designs and specifications it has provided. Essence Motorcycle slap a 55,000 Euros price tag on their latest product.

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