Assioma Power Meter: Unleash Your Power, Ride Hard Facts

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The latest generation of electric meter pedals produced by Favero two years ago didn’t just eliminates the complicated installation process, but also adds Bluetooth Smart support and companion applications. However, they still maintain a dual sensor and as a single pedal.

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This breakthrough technology applied to bicycles is designed to make cycling become more effective and efficient than before. By embedding the power meter, the rider can maximize the function of the pedal so that it becomes more optimal.

Some people may be lazy to buy bicycle components separately because they are lazy to install themselves. In addition, the complicated installation sometimes let to the unsuccessful procedure in which usually damage the original components of the bike.

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However, you will not find difficulties when installing this electric meter pedal. Assioma Power Meter is quite easy to install so you can immediately replace your bicycle pedal with a pedal that can move quickly so that the bike can go fast, even though the terrain is less friendly.

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You can also use this pedal for every bicycle that you have because the installation does not require special tools and anyone can install it properly. You only need to install it with a computer or smartphone via Bluetooth and ANT +. The companion app will show the data that is certainly useful for you.

The Assioma Power Meter provides more prime and rhythmic strength so you can enjoy the moment when you exercise. With IAV Cycling Dynamics pinned to make Balance, the data recorded properly and precisely. The exclusive IAV Power System and integrated gyroscope in Assioma make it able to measure angular velocity more accurately.

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With a variety of advanced technology embedded, Assioma has many advantages that you cannot find on other power meter pedals. The advantages, among others, can be used for a variety of weather, resistant to shocks, waterproof, comfortable to use when cornering because there are no components that push, save energy and time.

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Assioma has a rechargeable battery. With embedded lithium-ion technology, the battery has longer usage time which can reach 50 hours with just one charge. If you turn off or deactivate Assioma for a few moments, the setting will switch to standby mode automatically and Assioma will turn on immediately after you start pedaling.

Favero has two types of power pedal that you can choose, the Assioma UNO got the single-sided power meter and price at $ 402.55 while the DUO version is a little bit pricier at $ 628.70.

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