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Balolo is a company in Germany that works in the field of manufacturing and designing extraordinary accessories for you. The uniqueness of this product maker is their decision to utilize real wood in making various kinds of gadget covers. Each product is designed with creativity and uniqueness.


The distinctive design carried by Balolo looks like a clean and strong silhouette. So, any product that is equipped with this cover will look more attractive, unique and certainly looks cool. The company covers a lot of product and the lineup of each Balolo products are astonishing.

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Balolo focuses on the unique traditions of wood crafts and reinventing its products with contemporary designs. There have been many products that have been successfully released by Balolo and this time we will focus on the three newest products here.


Bose Companion 50 Walnut Wood Cover

This real wood cover will make your table look so beautiful that you will be reluctant to leave the table. Balolo chooses to embed the 3M adhesive that completes it making makes this cover super durable and won’t peel.

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Although it made of thin wood measuring 0.7 mm, the cover will not change the shape or weight of the speaker. Balolo is precisely using a thin wood that integrates itself perfectly into the design of the Bose 50 Companion.

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The advantage of this product is that it is made of 100% real wood, easy and fast installation, all ports can still be accessed so that it will not disrupts its function. Plus to get this quality product, you will only have to spend around $ 54 (€49.90).


Bose Soundtouch 30 Walnut Cover

Do you love listening to music but kinda bored with the look of the music player? Well, it’s time for the original wooden cover from Balolo to take the center stage and transform the music player into the beautiful solemn-looking product.


Balolo Collection 3

The cover’s thin appearance will make the shape of the speaker eve look more perfect plus it blends smoothly with the music player. This product is made from real wood so that it will look more beautiful with its wood fibers.

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This products really are the representative of quality handmade from Balolo, plus it will not interfere with the function or even the immense quality of the Bose product. “Music has never been so beautiful, until now” Balolo claims and you can take the Bose Soundtouch 30 Walnut Cover home for the price of $ 54 (€49.90).


Playstation 4 Slim Walnut Cover

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If you adore your time playing games on Playstation 4, over the time you feel bored with the PS4 display that’s a lil bit too dull to get along with the setup of the cabinet. Worry not because the slim walnut cover will make your PS4 look more classy and blend perfectly.

Balolo Collection 2

Balolo is the first company which offers the best real wood for the PlayStation 4 Slim. The outcome is an amazing mix of innovation and nature. A patent-pending sticky site makes the .7 mm the cover spread simply and perfectly.

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