Insta360 GO: Built for the Highlights.

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The Insta360 action cam manufacturer has just introduced a very interesting camera called Insta360 Go. The subtitle might not give away much but this camera is interesting because its dimensions are super tiny for an action cam.

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Because of its tiny-miny size, the capsule shape action camera only weighs 18 grams. The body was also designed to be waterproof with IPX4 certification.

Not only is it very concise, but Insta360 Go also comes with three types of mounts that are very practical. The first one is the Magnet Pendant, which allows the user to attach the camera to their shirt to carry out the recording from the first-person perspective.

The second one is Easy Clip, which can be clipped to various types of clothing and is ideal for accompanying sports activities. Last but not least, is a Pivot Stand that can be attached to a variety of flat surfaces, and can be adjusted as needed.

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Operating the Insta360 Go is easy even though it is not equipped with a screen at all. The users just need to press the button under the lens once, then the camera will start recording videos with a maximum duration of 15, 30, or 60 seconds, depending on settings.

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The Insta360 Go is equipped with an f / 2.1 lens takes video in a maximum resolution of 2720 x 2720 pixels and a speed of 25 fps. Its users are given the freedom to choose the aspect ratio between 1: 1, 16: 9 or 9:16.

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The action cam comes with a charging case which has a Lightning connector on the end. Simply put the Insta360 Go in the charging case, plug it into an iPhone / iPad, then all the videos recorded will be transferred automatically.

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As for the Android users, you guys can connect the Insta360 Go and its charging case using a USB-C cable. In one charge, the battery is believed to be enough to record up to 200 video clips. The companion application will compile the best video clips that have been recorded, then extract them into a video that is ready to be exhibited. Of course, the users are also welcome to edit manually the video manually.

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Basically, the Insta360 Go is prioritizing their focus on recording and help its users to not miss any interesting moments. If you are interested in having one, the Insta360 Go is now available for $260.


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