Bose Portable Home Speaker: Hear The Sound. Feel The Difference

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Bose is one of the most well-known brands in the realm of speaker production and the increasingly famous company got their status by providing the unique experience of the music. Bose is also known as that company that keeps on releasing innovative products to satisfy the highly demanding modern society.

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So far, Bose has released two smart speakers, the Home Speaker 500 and Home Speaker 300. Both of them carry the integration of Alexa and Google Assistant at the same time, but none of them are portable which is a big deal nowadays.

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Well, the wait was finally over, as Bose was finally filled the gap by releasing the Bose Portable Home Speaker, which carrying a 12-hour battery power. As a portable product, it has a superb ability to be carried around, and the entire parts are claimed to be waterproof with IPX4 certification.

“Anywhere you can get Wi-Fi, you can use the Portable Home Speaker as a smart speaker. With the Google Assistant and Alexa built in, just say the word to stream all your favorite music, internet radio stations, podcasts, and audiobooks — plus get weather, send messages, set timers, add to your to-do lists, and control smart home accessories, too”Bose

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In a body weighing 0.9 kilograms, Bose embedded an active driver, three passive radiators, and a deflector to boost the bass. The cylindrical shape indicates that the speaker is ready to distribute sound to 360 degrees surrounding.

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The integration of Alexa and Google Assistant is the superior feature of The Bose Portable Home Speaker, which means that interaction with the two virtual assistants can take place without a smartphone as an intermediary.

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As for the connectivity, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available, but the speaker dimensions of 19 x 10 cm are also equipped with compatibility with AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect. And yeah, the battery life relies on USB-C for charging.

There is no information regarding the release of Bose Portable Home Speaker but on the official website, Bose claims that their speaker is coming soon. The costumers will have two choices of shade namely Black and White.

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