Gerber Fish Beyond: An Innovative Lineup of Fishing Gear for New Adventure

Gerber Fish Beyond 5

If you are a fisherman, then all you need to have for your fishing adventure is the fishing gear products from Gerber called Fish Beyond. Gerber offers a lot of fishing gear products for you with each function. Those products are an innovative line up of fishing gear for your new adventure. Here are some of Gerber Fish Beyond collection that you can choose.

Processor Take-A-Part Shears

Gerber Fish Beyond 1

This shears will help you both on the boat or shore as a tool which can do all things that you need in fishing. Processor Take-A-Part Shears is a kind of a cohesive unit and also as an independent tool with a revolutionary design style.


Gerber Fish Beyond 2

You can handle all unexpected things in fishing with this. Magniplier is durable with its ergonomic trigger grip. With the finger choil, you can have a maximum control when you use it with your hand. The ambidextrous tether point and the thumb will make keep your adventure safe.


Gerber Fish Beyond 3

This line management multi-tool is a dual-ended tool to make the line management in water keeps simple. The one end can be rotated to clear the eyelets and tie the knots. The other has scissor snips, hook threader, and also a crimper. This tool has a pocket clip and the tether point for your easy access and secure.


Gerber Fish Beyond 4


Gerber offers Gutsy in two different colors, black, and silver. It is a compact processing tool with a slim design style. It is designed with a good efficiency for the intuitively used. This tool has 4 important functions for your fishing adventure, scaler, gut hook, bottle opener, and also scooper.

Defender Compact Tether

Gerber Fish Beyond 5

Defender Compact Tether is a carabiner which is designed perfectly on your finger for the tension relief and the intuitive control. With the positive engagement lock, this tether is very secured. The removable pin, lanyard hole, and wide-body flexible clip make it easy to be carried.

Controller 6″ Fillet Knife

Gerber Fish Beyond 6

If you use Controller 6″ Fillet Knife, you will have an easy and smooth cut. This awesome knife is designed for you who want to have a clean cut without any mess. The flexible blade is designed well. With the HydroTread Grip™ and GuideFins™, this knife offers an ultimate control in your slippery condition.

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