Goby Electric Toothbrush: A Gentle Touch Timed to Perfection

Goby Electric Toothbrush 2

Are you one of those people who are lazy to brush your teeth? Maybe the appearance of the toothbrush is the cause. Or maybe, the need to move the brush up and down back and forth in your mouth is postponing you to get up and brush your teeth.

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The innovation presented by a startup called Goby might be the solution. Goby released a stylish, sophisticated electric toothbrush called the All-Black Brush Kit. As the name suggests, the All-Black Brush Kit’s toothbrush design comes in a black gloss and elegant matte appearance. However, it is not only the uniqueness of the model offered by this limited edition toothbrush.

Goby Electric Toothbrush 2

The technology embedded inside the brush allows the All-Black Brush Kit to brush teeth automatically for two minutes at 30-second intervals. There are standard and sensitive speed options, soft bristles on the toothbrush head, and long-lasting batteries that only need to be recharged twice a month.

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Goby Electric Toothbrush uses a round brush at the tip while in the middle there is a button to activate and deactivate the brush rotation. All Goby toothbrushes use a removable modular brush.

Premium batteries are included in the package, with a power system that has a removable fill graft to minimize the range of cables in the bathroom. Goby Electric Toothbrush uses a magnetic USB as a way to recharge it, so the charging process will be a very simple thing to do.

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The perk is not stopping there, the Goby electric toothbrush is not just available in black matte wrapping, but this electric toothbrush also provides 3 choices of attractive colors, namely black, white and pink.

For those who are interested in having it, this Goby toothbrush is available for $ 60. While the cost for buying and replacing brush heads will only set you back for six dollars apiece. In the package, Goby will also provide a cover to make it easier to carry this electric toothbrush wherever you go.


Goby Electric Toothbrush

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