Gulfstream G800: A Marvel of Performance and Efficiency

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Gulfstream, which recently made a name for itself in the private jet market with the G700, has launched two new models. The US manufacturer will fly the farthest with the G800, and with the G400, it pressed the button to produce the largest business jet.

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Next-Gen Tech and Comfort

If you are looking for the latest in avionics and luxury or the most spectacular and comfortable private jet of the moment, you are looking at the new Gulfstream G800. It is the longest-range business jet from Gulfstream, a company that has been designing aircraft for more than 60 years.

The G800 is a private jet for 19 travelers whose interior design is typical of a luxury space that seeks the most absolute comfort for its passengers.

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The cabin offers different possible configurations and can even be configured by distributing its space in 4 compartments, all of them with large oval windows to see the world from the sky. It also mounts an ionizing clean air system that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, spores, and bad odors from the air.

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Ultralong-Range Capability

Powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 turbofan engines, the new ultra-long-range business jet Gulfstream G800 will have a range of 14,816 kilometers. That would surpass the 14,260km-long Bombardier Global 7500 to move up to the top spot as a business jet capable of flying as far away.

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The G800 will be able to take off with a maximum weight of 47,899 kilograms. The G800 will also have some design details from the G700, the body, and the cabin, which will be the same as the G650ER.

Powered by Gulfstream-designed wings and fins introduced at the Gulfstream G700, the G800 offers improved fuel efficiency and more city pairing features.

Price and Availability

Any interested parties that want to acquire the Gulfstream G800 will have to wait until 2024 to see it take off or land at the nearest airport. It will not be until that year when the first units of this new luxury private jet are delivered to any client that can pay the $71.5 million price tag it has.

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