Haas Valley Farm: A Weekend Gateway with Large Windows and Peaceful Views

Haas Valley Farm 9

Located in a site that is centered in the Driftless Area, Haas Valley Farm is a weekend gateway by Searl Lamaster Howe Architects. Peaceful and awesome views of the valley and ridge can be seen from all spaces inside the house thanks to the large windows.



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Glaciers skipped over the region where this house sits, leaving a stunning landscape of deep valleys and rolling hills bisected by the Mississippi River.

The exterior of this house is long and linear, stretching across a meadow that offers awesome views of a limestone crested ridge on one side and Grant River on the other.



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Haas Valley Farm 7

Haas Valley Farm 8

The form of this house is simple and intertwines to identify all spaces inside. There is a stair slice that buffers the bathing and sleeping side from the house’s social side, containing a great room that has a low roof to shelter a porch.

The kitchen can be found under an upstairs bedroom off the dining/living area to create a stunning change in scale between the house’s spaces.



Haas Valley Farm 9

Haas Valley Farm 10

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A low roof that extends beyond the primary eave of the house also shelters the foyer. The primary suite is separated from the south facade while the guest suite and main hall are located in the house’s main volume.

Sliding into the great room volume, a narrow rooftop on the upper level makes the bedroom and kitchen overlap. One can enjoy the beautiful views of the valley and ridge in all spaces of the house thanks to the large windows.


Haas Valley Farm Gallery

Photography: Tony Soluri

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