iBeat Heart Watch: The Best Watch for A Safe and Healthy Life

IBeat 5

Using iBeat, you can always monitor your blood flow and heart rate. This smartwatch can send you a helo for any potential life-threatening emergencies wherever you are. iBeat also has an awesome potential to prevent a brain damage and also improve a neurological outcome from your body. With this awesome watch, you can have a safer and healthier life.


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iBeat has optical sensors that can give your a continuous heart and oxygen monitoring result. You can also get help easily and instantly from your family and friends by pushing the emergency help button on it. The built-in GPS design will help you to send your exact location to 911.

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This watch has a touchscreen design which is very easy to help you set the stopwatch, timer, and also alarm. You can use it when you are washing or bathing because it has the best water resistant. This watch faces are easy to custom, just choose some beautiful design to make it looks cool.


How It Works

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iBeat will measure and analyze for some potential emergency conditions in a real-time. Then, it will detect your condition whether you are okay or not. If you don’t feel good, you can directly sen a message to 911 for appropriate help from your love, paramedics, and even firefighters.



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This awesome watch is a built-in cellular connectivity. You don’t need the internet or phone to use iBeat. You can easily contact anyone for help like your family, friends, and also 911. They will directly get your notification about the emergencies.



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Using your desktop, you can make your love get a peace of mind by checking your health remotely. iBeat allows your family and friends to check your condition and also get some updates to see if you are doing well or not when you are not at home.

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