Kelvin: A Simple and Beautiful Home Coffee Roaster

Kelvin Home Coffee Roasting 5

With Kelvin, you can taste new flavors. reduce water, save money, and also custom your roast fresh beans in an easy way. This awesome coffee roaster will give you another good experience in enjoying coffee. If you often feel bored with your every morning coffee, it is better to try to make it different, beautiful, and also simple with Kelvin.

New Side of Coffee

Kelvin Home Coffee Roasting 5

Kelvin will not only give you new flavors and also save your money, This home coffee roaster offers experience freshness and also elegant design. The design is perfect to be used as your home decoration too, especially in your kitchen.



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You can have the best cup of coffee with the bright vibrant flavors with Kelvin. This home coffee roaster is the best way to give you a guarantee of a fresh coffee. The roast cycle is so efficient to give you a roasted coffee in just 10 minutes.


New Flavors

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You can use some new types of beans, roasts, and styles then blend them together to get new flavors. Kelvin allows you to have an experiment with roasting times, multiple bean origins and also blends for experiencing new flavors of coffee.


Save Money

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If you compare Kelvin with another home coffee roaster, this one will save your money more. You will also not get too much trashing stale beans because Kelvin will blend the beans perfectly. You can have fresh ingredients when you use unroasted beans too with this roaster.



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Kelvin is made for everyone with its elegant design. All people can enjoy the new taste of coffee with this home coffee roaster, They can explore and discover the new taste by doing an experiment with different beans and ways of the blend.

Kelvin Home Coffee Roasting 1

You just need to set the roasting time and turn the control knob, push to start, and Kelvin will do the rest for you. If you want to personalize your coffee flavor, you can remove or add the time mid-roast. The endless flavor will come to you with different roasting times and beans.



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If you love to do some experiments with Kelvin for new tastes of coffee, it is better to pay attention to the different levels of roasting the coffee beans. The different levels will give you different qualities too according to how darkly or light they are.


Simple Cleanup

Kelvin Home Coffee Roasting 9

When you use Kelvin, it is very easy to use the roasting chamber. You will not get any slips when you need to collect the chaff. The best thing about Kelvin is you can even compost the chaff if you want to have an eco-friendly clean up in your home.



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Kelvin is made with a new progress. With the best engineering process and centered design, it comes to you with a deep dive and a final design. The interface testing and a form iterative round will come with an ideal experience of a coffee roaster.

Kelvin Home Coffee Roasting 10

The process firsthand will give find the best technique of air roasted coffee in your home. It continues with the development of technology and engineering system in Kelvin. It builds with system details, more prototypes, and also a new design too.

Kelvin Home Coffee Roasting 3



Kelvin Home Coffee Roasting 2

Kelvin has an awesome product safety design for you at home. This cool home coffee roaster has a chaff filter, an outer safety chamber, a roast chamber, and also a control knob. The capacity is about 100 – 120 for the unroasted coffee. The heater can reach 392 degrees of Fahrenheit. It has 12 inches in height and 5 inches in depth. With 15,000 RPM of the motor speed, it will roast the beans quickly.

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