Lafitte X-Road: The First All-Terrain Supercar

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The automotive world is increasingly crowded with the emerging of new brands. Creativity is explored to display stunning work and the effort can be seen from the presentation of Lafitte Supercars called Lafitte X-Road. The car comes in with an offroad frame which carries a supercharged mechanical heart.

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TBH, the framework is not something new. This kind of car had already appeared a few years ago, even before Lamborghini released Urus. In 2015, a company called Zarooq Motors first introduced the SandRacer 500GT.


The model is planned to be marketed in a limited edition. However, that never happened. Then Bruno Lafitte, the owner of Lafitte Supercars, who also served as Director of Operations Zarooq Motors revived the project.

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Getting help from G-Tec and Teat Virage, Lafitte X-Road follows the path of SandRacer 500GT. But some alterations make it look neater. With a capacity of two passengers, the Lafitte X-Road is a compact car with a similar look as a closed buggy car.


The rough curved body is utilized to strengthen the fierce appearance. The lighting sector is allegedly using LED technology. While the legs are reinforced with 17-inch rims and an offroad profile tires to scratch the ground.

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It’s getting more surprising as we move on to the interior. The presentation is elegant and quite futuristic. The chocolate color dressing on several components combined with a sporty carbon pattern. There is also an elongated hexagonal framed screen in the dashboard area.

Lafitte X Road 1

There is a center console full of buttons to accommodate entertainment. The steering wheel is very simple, even though it is full of colorful buttons with paddle shifts on the back. The consistent pull of the firm lines in the cabin must have been made to align the tough profile of the Lafitte X-Road.

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Moving on to the performance supported by G-Tec and Team Virage. The man behind the engine was Phillippe Gautheron who is a master guru in the motorsport arena. Call it Formula 3, Formula 2, LMP3 and European Le Mans Series. The man can handle everything.

The 6.2 liters GM LS3 V8 engine is embedded under the hood. There is also a version without supercharged which can produce power of 405 hp. However, for those who want more performance, you can request a special package with a maximum output of 700 hp.

Lafitte X Road 3

All the thrust energy is sent to the rear wheels via two transmission options: sequential 5-speed or 6-speed. The concoction of the design was also astonishing. Imagine, with a weight of 1,300 kg, the Lafitte X-Road can go reach the top speed of 238 kph.

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The Lafitte X-Road is available for $ 465,000 and the carmaker was planning to release the car in a limited amount of 30 units.

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