Lenovo Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo

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Lenovo has introduced an innovative proof of concept at CES 2024, the Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo, which is set to redefine the way we power our peripherals. This unique product utilizes mechanical movement and solar irradiation to power both a mouse and a keyboard, eliminating the need for external charging. This groundbreaking technology not only enhances user convenience but also aligns with Lenovo’s commitment to sustainable practices.

Ergonomic Design and Seamless Connectivity

The Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo is designed with user comfort and engagement in mind. The ergonomic design of both the mouse and keyboard ensures a comfortable user experience during extended periods of use. Additionally, the product supports both Bluetooth® and 2.4G wireless connection modes, offering easy connectivity with multiple devices. This feature ensures that users can effortlessly switch between devices, enhancing productivity and user experience.

A Step Towards Eco-Friendly Technology

Lenovo’s Mechanical Energy Harvesting Combo is a testament to the company’s dedication to implementing more sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in technology. By harnessing renewable energy sources, this product reduces the reliance on traditional power sources and batteries, contributing to a greener future.

Source: Lenovo

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