Lumen: Eternal Light Source without Batteries

Lumen 1

Lumen will be your everlasting light source that doesn’t need batteries. You just need to touch it and your body heat will be converted into light. Lumen is an awesome flashlight just like a flashlight on your smartphone but it is different. It is virtually eternal light and an energy source without batteries that can help you to go green.


Lumen 1

Lumen works with your warm touch. TEG or Thermoelectric Generator comes in a small ceramic bar. This bar can produce an electric current when you provide different temperature on its lower and upper parts. When the air temperature is 82 degrees F and your temperature is 98 degrees F, Lumen can produce 15 mA@3v.



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Lumen is 40mm in length, 13 mm in width, and 80 mm in height. The weight is just about 45 grams for the Aluminum version and 60 grams for Titanium version. The light output is 3000 mCd with 5 mm ultrabright CREE led.


Tritium Light

Lumen 4

Lumen 2

The tritium light in Lumen will help you to find it before you can use the flashlight. It can be seen completely in the darkness. You need to order this eternal light with the tritium light on it. The vial can produce a light which is easy for you to see.



Lumen 5

Lumen comes with two different body materials, they are Aluminum and Titanium. Both aluminum and titanium are available without or with the tritium tubes. So there are a lot of options that you can choose based on your need for a flashlight. It is better to have the tritium together on this flashlight.


Early Prototype

Lumen 7


The early prototype of Lumen is about the frame first. Some prototypes are already created to get maximum efficiency in using a flashlight. The first plan is about initial idea and technical drawings. The prototypes are done together with the bug fixes and also testing.

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