Lutz Residence: A Private Residence with Optimum Views and Privacy

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Located in the lake district of Tampa, Florida, Lutz Residence is a project of private residence designed by Sweet Sparkman Architects. The plan of this project is to provide optimum views of the lake and privacy for the wings area.



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This residence sits on a heavily wooded site near a protected wetland and a large lake. Originally, the property was two separate home sites. Those two were combined to provide adequate land to design a single-level estate. This also includes preserving all trees around the site.



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The design of this private residence allows for clerestory elements and varied roofs to create a village of forms with an aesthetic look.

The adjacent cypress that stands along the wetland is the main inspiration for this project’s palette of materials, seen in the structural beams and custom shiplap cypress siding.

A patented anodized stainless-steel shingle is this residence’s roof that provides various finishes in different hues from light to dark depending on the time of day.



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Custom anodized aluminum cladding on the windows can complement the roof shingles. The interior of this residence is finished in clear maple for the travertine marble floors, cypress beams, doors, and windows.

Icynene insulation and custom-designed HVAC system are used to meet the demands of the owner for a mold-free forced air system and clean air.


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Images Source: Sweet Sparkman Architects

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