MEI: the mini emotional intellect robot

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Once in a while, we can be in a situation that is far from happy. The modern creator Gražina Bočkutė’s saw this complication and enchant it with MEI, a simple emotional robot that will be your companion. Isn’t that what great structure ought to do? Draw out our feelings?

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This robot was enlivened by the correspondence between the robot creator’s companion who has chronic depression. Now and again, the correspondence was hard as the individuals who have despondency typically communicated practically zero feelings.

The creator at that point began the reasoning about disentangling methods for creating a proper communication – leaving just eye and body articulation.

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MEI is a mini emotional intellect robot, intended to improve articulation and channel relational correspondence. It is an individual enthusiastic right hand with inherent Artificial Intelligence that perceives its environment and is equipped for recognizing people and items.

The little work-area robot reacts to visual upgrades with enlivened eye and body developments. It contains a speaker, amplifier, and two front cameras that identify stereoscopic pictures.

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You could state that MEI probably won’t be the best apparatus to enable you to center your feeling and emotion, however you could state it is a valuable device for one’s prosperity. It is surely simple to slip into a negative attitude while at work, so if MEI turns into a little suggestion to be increasingly positive, that must be something worth being thankful for.



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