Moccamaster Cup-One: single serve, pod free coffee brewer

Moccamaster Cup One 4

Moccamaster has for many years specialized in making coffee machines. All machines are manufactured and assembled with a personal touch in the Netherlands and tested in detailed and rigorous capabilities.

Moccamaster Cup One 4

Moccamaster is known for its ability as a coffee maker that is able to brew up to 10 cups of coffee in 6 minutes. These advantages greatly help coffee shop owners or those who want to serve large amounts of coffee quickly.

The machine that moccamaster produced is stable and consistent. One of them, a copper heating element that ensures water stays at the perfect temperature from the starting process to the final stage. The machine received prestigious recognition from the Specialty Coffee Association of America & Europe so that proves that many parties believed in their abilities.

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In a hurry? Change your Moccamaster One Cup cup with Tumblr. In 4 minutes, 20 grams of coffee combined with 330 ml of water will produce 300 ml of coffee that is ready to be taken away. This machine will automatically shut down after brewing coffee. You don’t need to be afraid of wasting electricity.

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This coffee brewing tool is made of steel, aluminum, copper, glass and BPA-Free plastic so it is durable, easy to clean, and environmentally friendly. With a modern style, this coffee brewing tool will look beautiful in the kitchen. With 4 attractive colors and a space-saving design, the room is even more stylish with Moccamaster Cup-One.

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The European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC), calls Moccamaster Cup-One as a golden cup because it can create the perfect taste of coffee. Not cold, weak, but just right according to the standard.  The Cup-One has a removable container holder which enables you to fit distinctive size glasses under the mixing bin. Once the Cup-One has completed a brew cycle, the brewer shuts off for your convenience. The price of $219 is slapped on to this single serve, pod free coffee brewer.

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