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In case that you are the type of person who likes to brew coffee in the morning and drink at least 2-3 glasses a day, you might need to utilize a product with the Frech press method, called Fellow Clara French Press.

Easy to Use

Fellow is a San Francisco-based product design company focused on delivering tools to help you brew better cups at home.

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And since the French press is an easy, efficient, and intuitive method, the method has attracted a lot of coffee lovers and kinda push them into acquiring coffee equipment with this type of process. Simply pour the bean into grinds and add hot water, set a timer, dip, and pour.


Unlike most French presses which tend to have glass jugs that hold drinks, Clara French Press adopted the latest features to stand out among other products.

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The product features a Heat Lock Double Wall Vacuum that uses stainless steel. That way the heat will be insulated and last consistently for a longer period of time.

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Fellow Clara French Press is also equipped with Ratio Aid Lines that can help you make the perfect dose of coffee without the need for a scale. The Agitation Stick is also equipped to ensure all the grinding process ends up in perfect amount. Simply put, say goodbye to dry lumps hidden beneath the waterline.

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Price and Availability

The Clara French Press is available in Matte Black or Matte Black with premium walnut accents and is tagged with an affordable price tag of $99. The product is available via Fellow’s official website.

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