MUDMAN GW9500TLC-1: G-SHOCK and Toyota’s Ultimate Rally-Inspired Timepiece

GW 9500TLC 1

Casio and Toyota have joined forces once again to create a special collaboration timepiece that embodies the spirit of the toughest race in the world, the Dakar Rally. The TEAM LAND CRUISER TOYOTA AUTO BODY collaboration model, the MUDMAN GW9500TLC-1, brings together the legendary durability of the G-SHOCK MUDMAN series with the fearless determination of Team Land Cruiser Toyota Auto Body (TLC).

This limited edition watch is designed to withstand the most punishing conditions, just like the Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport that TLC races in the grueling Dakar Rally. The black and red color scheme is inspired by the team’s rally car, with a sand-colored band featuring a black splatter pattern that evokes the tracks left by speeding racers across the desert.

The MUDMAN GW9500TLC-1 boasts a Carbon Core Guard structure, making it smaller and slimmer than previous models while maintaining its dust and mud-resistant properties. The watch also features a duplex LCD, providing a separate compass graphics layer for easier navigation in emergency situations. Radio-controlled calibration ensures precise timekeeping, a crucial feature for teams battling in the harshest environments.

Attention to detail is evident throughout the design, with the TLC team colors of blue, white, and red accenting various elements. The team logo proudly adorns the band and case back, celebrating this unique collaboration between two intrepid teams. Even the packaging uses recycled materials, reflecting Casio’s commitment to reducing environmental impact.

With a price of $440.00, the MUDMAN GW9500TLC-1 is not just a timepiece; it’s a symbol of the unwavering spirit of adventure and the pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity. Whether you’re a fan of rally racing, an outdoor enthusiast, or simply appreciate the finest in durable, high-performance timepieces, this collaboration model is a must-have.

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