MUJJO Touchscreen Gloves: Take any call, at any temperature

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Capacitive touch screen technology on smartphones works by relying on electromagnetic fields on human skin. Now if you use gloves, you certainly won’t be able to use your smartphone. As a solution, you can use the following gloves from Mujjo.

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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves does look like ordinary gloves but there are actually sophisticated technologies embedded in it. The gloves equipped with nanotechnology that are integrated into this layer of gloves. With nanotechnology, these gloves can be detected exactly like human skin. That’s the secret why you can still use the smartphone’s touch screen even though you are using it.

The magic doesn’t stop there as Mujjo’s touchscreen gloves can also be used for any touchscreen. Why? These gloves have a magnetic snap closure, which ensures a strong grip while reducing pressure on the straps when opened or closed.

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Mujjo Touchscreen Gloves themselves are designed with high-quality materials. The material used comes from the best material which is famous for being very soft. In order to make it more comfortable, Mujjo Touchscreen Glove is also combined with 100% wool material that can warm your hands in cold conditions.

Leather straps reach the wrist, where carefully placed magnetic buttons are useful for good hand closure. Silicon has also been integrated with these gloves for stronger grip and avoids slippery hands when it is humid or snowy in winter. These gloves are also reliable in all weather conditions because they are resistant to water and anti-dust.

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In order for the gloves to be conductive (delivering heat or electricity), these knitted gloves consist of high-quality silver-plated nylon fibers that blend into the fabric. Capacitive sensors function will come into contact with human skin.

Mujjo has also tested miles of yarn to ensure that there are no fine feathers left behind or appear suddenly in this new touchscreen glove. Better quality yarns guarantee durability and softness at all times. The price tag of € 41.24 is slapped into this product.


MUJJO Touchscreen Gloves

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