Neo Smartpen N2

Neo Smartpen N2

The Neo Smartpen N2 by NeoLAB Convergence offers a first-class digital writing experience, blending the traditional feel of pen and paper with advanced digital features. This pen is designed for those who value the authenticity of handwriting but also seek the convenience of digital technology.

Key Specifications and Design

The Neo Smartpen N2 boasts an ergonomic triangle design with an aluminum body, ensuring both durability and comfort. It features a splendid 130 frames per second capture rate, powered by an ARM dual-core processor. This high-performance processor ensures that every stroke of the pen is accurately captured. The pen’s grip is designed for enjoyable writing, balancing weight and ergonomics to provide a familiar pen-like experience.

Digital Twin Technology

One of the most innovative features of the Neo Smartpen N2 is its ability to create a digital copy of your writing. This feature allows users to seamlessly transfer their handwritten notes and sketches to PC or mobile devices. The digital twin of your writing can be utilized across various platforms, enhancing productivity and creativity.

Compatibility and Integration

The Neo Smartpen N2 works in conjunction with the Neo Studio app, which is available for both mobile and PC platforms. This app allows users to store, view, and manage their digital notes with ease. Additionally, the pen integrates well with video conferencing solutions like Skype and Zoom, enabling users to share their handwritten notes and sketches during online meetings.

Sharing and Storage

With just a touch, users can share their handwriting to social media or email directly from the digital notebook. This feature adds a layer of convenience for quick and easy sharing. The pen also simplifies the note-taking process, allowing users to write naturally and then save their notes quickly to their preferred digital platform.

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