ASUS ROG Aura Light Bar and ROG Ergo Monitor Arm

ASUS ROG Aura Light Bar And ROG Ergo Monitor Arm

ASUS has recently unveiled two innovative accessories designed to enhance gaming setups: the ROG Aura Light Bar and the ROG Ergo Monitor Arm. These additions, announced on January 9, 2024, are set to revolutionize the gaming experience with their unique features and compatibility.

The ROG Aura Light Bar: A Dynamic Gaming Accessory

The ROG Aura Light Bar ALB01 is not just an ordinary light bar. It offers three distinct modes to cater to various scenarios. The front RGB light utilizes ASUS’s patented asymmetric light, illuminating the desk without causing screen glare. This mode is ideal for desk work, including reading or crafting. The back light emits a subtle RGB glow, enhancing the ambiance of any gaming setup. Additionally, a third mode combines both lighting effects.

Compatibility with ASUS’s DisplayWidget Center and Aura Sync allows users to select from pre-set modes or synchronize the light bar with other ROG gear. The light bar’s magnetic clamp and buckle offer broad compatibility with different displays. Users can adjust brightness and color temperature (2700K to 6500K) using a dial on the bracket. Importantly, the ROG Aura Light Bar meets IEC 62471 and IEEE Par 1789 eye safety standards, ensuring minimal eye strain.

ROG Ergo Monitor Arm: Maximizing Desk Space

The ROG Ergo Monitor Arm AAS01 is designed to hold displays up to 39 inches, supporting weights between 3kg and 11.5kg for flat monitors and 3kg to 8.5kg for curved monitors. This mechanical spring arm mechanism allows extensive adjustments and creates additional desk space. The arm enables 360° swivel and pivot, and a tilt range of 15° to 75°.

Featuring double-sided cable management, the arm keeps wires organized while allowing full motion. Its cyberpunk-inspired design complements other ROG gear, making it a perfect match for ASUS’s gaming monitors.

Availability and More Information

For details on pricing and availability of the ROG Aura Light Bar and ROG Ergo Monitor Arm, ASUS advises contacting local representatives. These products are part of ASUS’s broader range of new releases showcased at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Source: ASUS

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