LG UltraGear: World’s First 4K OLED Gaming Monitor

LG UltraGear

LG Electronics has introduced the world’s first 4K OLED gaming monitor featuring the innovative Dual-Hz feature in its latest UltraGear™ lineup. The star of this lineup is the 32-inch model 32GS95UE, which offers a remarkable 240Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution and an unprecedented 480Hz at Full-HD. This feature allows gamers to effortlessly switch between high-resolution and high-refresh-rate modes, enhancing their gaming experience.

Unmatched Speed and Clarity

The 32GS95UE sets a new standard in gaming monitors with its ultra-fast 0.03ms Gray-to-Gray (GtG) response time, significantly reducing motion blur and providing crystal-clear images. This performance is further boosted by LG’s self-lit OLED technology, known for its exceptional color and contrast.

Immersive Design and Sound

LG has designed the 32GS95UE with minimal screen bezels and a 4-side virtually borderless design, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. The monitor also features Pixel Sound technology and an integrated front-facing sound system with two woofers, supporting DTS Virtual:X. This design eliminates the need for external speakers, saving desk space without compromising on sound quality.

Expanding the UltraGear Range

The lineup also includes the 39-inch 39GS95QE and the 34-inch 34GS95QE models, both featuring ultra-wide curved screens with a 21:9 aspect ratio and UltraWide Quad-HD resolution. These models are equipped with LG’s Anti-Glare & Low Reflection Coating and share the same high refresh rate and rapid response time as the 32GS95UE.

Ergonomic and Stylish Design

The new UltraGear monitors incorporate the Unity Hexagonal design for a sleek look and efficient cable management. The slim ‘L’ Stand offers ergonomic benefits and a smaller footprint compared to previous models, enhancing desk usability and stability.

Additional Models for Diverse Needs

LG’s 2024 UltraGear OLED gaming monitor lineup also includes two 45-inch models (45GS95QE and 45GS96QB) and a 27-inch model (27GS95QE). These monitors are VESA DisplayHDR™ True Black 400 certified, offering high-brightness screens for an enhanced gaming experience.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Display Type: OLED (Anti-Glare Low Reflection)
  • Screen Sizes: 32-inch, 39-inch, 34-inch, 45-inch, 27-inch
  • Aspect Ratios: 16:9 (32-inch), 21:9 (Others)
  • Resolutions: Up to 3,840 x 2,160 (4K)
  • Refresh Rate: Up to 240Hz
  • Response Time: 0.03ms GtG
  • HDR: VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400
  • Connectivity: HDMI 2.1, DisplayPort 1.4, 4-pole headphone out

Source: LG Electronics

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