OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan: Both Tough and Luxurious

Opus Op15 Hybrid Caravan 1

Do you like to go on an adventure? Or you and your family are typical families who like camping together? Now, camping is no longer a hassle where you have to carry a lot of heavy luggage on your back because you can now put on all these pieces of equipment easily on a caravan.

Opus Op15 Hybrid Caravan 2

OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan is here to provide a much more enjoyable adventure and camping experience. This caravan is designed not only to be tough but also offers luxury. Thanks to its toughness, OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan can even go on to adventure on off-road terrain.

All the features embedded in the OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan are so complete that you no longer have to worry if you bring them to a place that hasn’t even been touched by anyone. You will find pop-up roofs, showers, and toilets inside, main beds and fantastic inclusions inside and out.

Opus Op15 Hybrid Caravan 1

OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan is often used as a traveling companion when adventuring along every corner of the country, both in the open or closed roads and off-road tracks. With this kind of luxury, you will feel the true sensation of camping.

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The king bed takes up quite a lot of space but the upside of this is that you can rest comfortably. The storage area is located on the side of the bed while on the opposite side, there is a cafe dinette or bunk beds.

Opus Op15 Hybrid Caravan 4

The shower and toilet area are located at the far end and placed separately to help open a bigger space. On the other side of the bed, there is a fridge slide, slide-out pantry, and slide-out kitchen.

Opus Op15 Hybrid Caravan 5

Yep, this caravan is also equipped for complete cooking utensils. So you don’t need to worry about running out of food while going on an adventure. All the features offered from OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan will certainly make the moment with family in the wild get more memorable and enjoyable.

Opus Op15 Hybrid Caravan 3

OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan has an internal length of 15′ and a total length of 6600mm with a width of 2250mm which allows you to get enough room in running on activities. Meanwhile, the height is 2685mm, including a closed roof and air conditioning. The tare weight of OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan is at 2100kg.

Opus Op15 Hybrid Caravan 6

All of the premium features are very important in order to be able to enjoy a more fun adventure and camping moment. Well, the price tag of the OPUS® OP15 Hybrid Caravan is also on a premium level of $ 49,990.


  • A king-size bed with innerspring mattress
  • Café dinette with optional bunk beds
  • Plush leatherette interior seating
  • Fully functional slide-out kitchen with sink
  • Easily accessible pull-out fridge (optional) and pantry
  • Separate shower and toilet
  • 12V television with the TV antenna
  • Stereo sound system with 2 internal & 2 external speakers
  • LED internal lighting
  • Dometic air conditioner
  • Pull-out aluminum step
  • Dometic wind out awning
  • Durable suspension, with heavy-duty coil springs and dual shock absorbers
  • Off-road tires, including 2 spares
  • Fully galvanized chassis
  • Hitchmaster DO35 coupling for extreme off-road articulation
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