OriginX: The Delicate Homage to the Pong Cabinet

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Everything that smells retro returns to being a trending point in the past few years. From fashion to technology, retro style is back to being the main selling point for several world-famous vendors. Of course, the addition of the latest technology is one of the keys to this improvement.

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A company called Love Hulten developed a game console to play some retro games like PongMetal Slug, Contra, and Gauntlet. This console’s main casing is built in the form of wood on the right and left side and has a vibe that really really resembles its predecessor, while the front is made of aluminum. The device is suitably attached to the wall. OriginX itself can accommodate up to 10 thousand games emulated using OriginX’s default program.

OriginX is considered to be a bridge between the past and present by bringing back the trend of classic games in a more modern way. Users can also directly pair the game they want via the USB port available on OriginX.

OriginX is equipped with a 19-inch LCD with a 4: 3 ratio. The default color for OriginX is yellow, but you can order other colors according to taste. OriginX can be used by two people simultaneously to play the same game because there are two classic controllers. This device has dimensions of 61x51x31cm and is sold at a price of $3,299.


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