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The concept of smart lighting is often used to attract the attention of people who want to control the lights in their homes in other ways, besides manually.

Most smart lights are connected to a home Wi-Fi network, either directly or through a hub, after which the homeowner can control and manage the lights with a mobile application or with voice commands through Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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A startup that specialized in lighting control, ORRO recently introduced Orro Switch, which the company promised was “the most sophisticated and adaptive home responsive lighting system in the world.”

The Orro Switch has an integrated microprocessor and four sensors. The sensor detects motion, sound, proximity and ambient light. With those sensors, ORRO will understand if you have gone and turned off the light because it did not detect any movement.

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The ORRO switch adjusts to the sunrise and sunset, combining the rhythm of natural light with the normal time you turn on and off the light and the brightness chosen. Microprocessors include a universal dimmer that works with all lighting equipment and bulbs.

ORRO’s founder and CEO Colin Billings said through Digital Trends that he founded ORRO when he began to experience sleeping problems and had a light effect on his sleep quality.

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Changes in natural light during the day and night can alternate how humans lived with artificial light in a relatively short period of time. By calculating and adjusting lighting with the cycle of natural light in our daily lives, we can improve the quality of our sleep.

After a week of use, ORRO will learn how users use light and will take control. According to the startup, the end result is lighting in the home that supports the way you live and also helps you sleep better at night.

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After you complete the initial setup on the Orro Switch, you no longer need to use a smartphone, even though the mobile application has additional features. All Orro Switch features are “opt-in,” including sensors that are activated and data shared with applications and cloud.

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Orro Switch is compatible with voice commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Home when you need to turn the lights on and off, adjusting brightness levels and more.

If there are more than one ORRO switches are installed in the same house, these devices can be configured to work together so that new switches can speed up data instantly about the use of light plus additional data points to enrich the overall system.

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According to ORRO, installing and managing the Orro Switch only takes five to 15 minutes with a normal device. Because ORRO uses industrial and automotive electrical components at its disposal, ORRO claims that ORRO Switch will last at least for ten years.

ORRO is connected to the cloud with user permission, but your lighting settings are stored on the switch. Therefore, if you lose your Wi-Fi or internet access, your lighting preferences will not be disturbed until they are reconnected. ORRO Switch is priced at $ 149 per unit.

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