Goodyear AERO: A Concept Tire for Autonomous, Flying Cars

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The 2019 Geneva International Auto Show presents a variety of cutting-edge technologies. One of them is Goodyear, which exhibits a tire that can run vertically like a conventional tire and horizontally as a propeller.


Of course, this technology will be utilized for flying cars or flying taxis that are being conceptually intensively made.

Functionally clear from the video presented, Goodyear has made tires that have a dual purpose. The first reduces the weight of the tire, and the second changes its function as a propeller to help it fly.

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“The challenge of mobility companies is how to overcome urban transportation and congestion on the highway. “We offer a tire architecture with sophisticated tire material, functioning as a conventional tire and as a driving system when on air,” said Chris Helsel chief technology officer of Goodyear.

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Aero from Goodyear is not a typical tire. Goodyear has replaced it with a flexible material developed that absorbs shock and can overcome the additional pressure of the tire when transitioning from horizontal to the vertical position. They call it a non-pneumatic structure, and can only be used on small vehicles.

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The latest technology, that a tire can support the weight of a car that is much heavier than the size of a normal car. This can be achieved, by combining the functions of the magnetic propulsion system with the mechanical propulsion system.

To achieve this, it requires artificial intelligence to monitor road conditions and tire wear. AI technology can also support V2V communication with the 5G connection.

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The tire technology introduced by Goodyear has become quite futuristic. Goodyear itself has developed the technology with airless design and combining artificial intelligence that is already in the development stage, although it is acknowledged as a concept the future is bright for the tire technology.

The Goodyear concept is a trigger to spark debate over tires and transportation technology for a truly new mobility ecosystem.



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