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Barcelona, January 23rd, 2024, marked the unveiling of Philips’ innovative A6219 on-ear GO headphones, a standout in the 2024 Philips Sound range. These headphones are a game-changer in the audio industry, featuring Powerfoyle technology for solar charging, both indoors and outdoors. This cutting-edge technology ensures an impressive 80-hour playback time, setting a new standard for headphone battery life.

Sustainable Design and Superior Performance

The A6219 headphones are not just about exceptional technology; they also lead the way in sustainability. With 35% of their construction made from recycled plastics, these headphones are a testament to TP Vision’s commitment to environmental responsibility. The packaging further emphasizes this commitment, utilizing 90-100% recycled cardboard and soy-based inks, significantly reducing the environmental impact.

Comfort and Quality Combined

Comfort is paramount with the A6219. The headphones feature soft, washable, breathable fabric covers for the ear cups, filled with a cooling gel, ensuring comfort during extended use. The sound quality is equally impressive, thanks to the Philips natural sound profile and newly developed 40mm drivers. The dynamic bass boost feature adds another layer to the audio experience, while the AI-equipped microphone ensures crystal clear call quality.

Philips A6709: The Ultimate Open-Ear Sports Headphone

The A6709 GO headphones are a new addition to the Philips Sound range, offering the benefits of open headphones in a compact TWS form factor. These headphones are designed for the active user, with a rubberized design and an IP55 sweatproof rating. The open acoustic design keeps the ear canal dry and clean while allowing users to stay aware of their surroundings.

Exceptional Sound and Connectivity

The A6709 headphones deliver high-quality sound with precision ports directing sound from the drivers into the ear. The innovative dipole design minimizes sound leakage, enhancing directivity. Two AI-equipped mics with noise-cancelling ensure excellent call quality. The headphones boast a 28-hour battery life (7 hours + 21 from the charging case), with a quick charge feature providing one hour of playback in just 15 minutes.

Philips H6509: Enhancing the Indoor Listening Experience

The H6509 over-ear headphone is a highlight of Philips’ renewed wireless headband headphone series for 2024. It features the Hybrid Noise Cancelling Pro system in a lightweight, over-ear design. The integration with the new Titan OS ensures easy connection with compatible TVs, reducing latency to 100ms or less for a seamless listening experience. The H6509 offers customizable sound via the Philips Headphone App and an impressive 60-hour battery life (40 hours with ANC on).

Philips TAB6309: A Soundbar with a Small Profile and Big Performance

The TAB6309 soundbar is designed to complement any Ambilight TV, offering a cinematic sound experience without blocking the screen, thanks to its 37mm height. It features Dolby Atmos and DTS Virtual:X compatibility in a 2.1 system with a 320W max-power output. The soundbar’s wireless subwoofer is ultra-compact and can be positioned flexibly. Connectivity options include HDMI eARC, optical, Aux-in, and USB, with Bluetooth 5.3 and LE Audio support for robust wireless connections.

Expanding the 2024 Sound Range

Joining the TAB6309 are the TAB5309 and TAB5109 soundbars. The TAB5309, with its mid-size width and 240W max-power output, offers room-filling performance in a compact design. The TAB5109, a compact 2.0 system, is ideal for smaller rooms or as a significant upgrade to TV sound, with a 120 Watts max power output.

Availability and Launch

The 2024 Philips Sound range, including the A6219, A6709, H6509, and the new soundbars, will be available for purchase in 2024. The specific release dates and pricing details are yet to be announced.

Source: TP Vision

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