Philips Somneo Connected: The premium Sleep & Wake-up Light

Philips Somneo 4

Philips is exploring on LEDs, and its new product, Somneo Connected light combines them with a smartphone application for following as well as improving your sleep time involvement.

Most recent in the company’s scope of restorative light frameworks, it’s an end table light and morning timer with a sensor on the back.

Philips Somneo 5

The primary thing that paves the impression was the modern structure. The design resembles a sun and has a gap in the center. This influences it to appear as though the morning timer has come up on a sci-fi film.

When you connect the lamp to the power attachment, different LED lights uncover the implicit touchscreen.

Philips Somneo 6

The Somneo Connected Sleep and Wake-up Light guarantee a less surprising wake-up than a customary alert, in addition to lulling you off to sleep better than an ambient.

Philips Somneo 1

It’s actually a more brilliant form of sleeping light with included IoT and the latest sensors. Philips guarantees to awaken you in the first part of the day with a reproduced dawn.

The features come from the theory that by expanding light bit by bit and shading shift from red, through orange, to splendid yellow light will make an increasingly powerful wake-up moment.

Philips Somneo 8

At the opposite day’s end, there’s a light-guided breathing framework, which beats light and sound against which you’re intended to pace your breaths.

Philips additionally implanted sunset mode simulation which makes the light goes out gradually until it is totally dim in the room. The thought is that your body is gradually being set up for the night’s rest.

Philips Somneo 7

There are two new highlights for the Somneo Connected, the first one is the combination with Philips’ SmartSleep biological system, fundamentally the SleepMapper application.

The app can set the wake-up and dusk highlights, such as setting the alerts and picking what music is utilized. It likewise records rest times and gives recommendations for how to improve sleep quality.

Philips Somneo 2

The other expansion is an AmbiTrack sensor which found on the back of the light. This features tracks air dampness, temperature, and brilliance, and logs any problematic clamors amid the night.

They’re additionally recorded in the application, and Philips can utilize that information to make proposals as to changes in the room – like ensuring it’s darker, or cooler – to improve the nature of your sleep. Philips put on $249.99 retail price tag for Somneo Connected.

Philips Somneo Connected

Philips Somneo 3

Philips Somneo 4

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