Shifu Orboot: The educational, Augmented Reality globe that will always amazes the curious little minds.

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It’s impossible to be not familiar with the globe. As kids, you must have seen this thing since your school age. Its main function is to display the names of countries, capitals, mountains, seas, oceans, and so on.

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Unfortunately, the function feels too basic and not relevant to be applied continuously. But now, with the enhancement of technology, a globe called Shifu Orboot offers a unique implementation that can give it more than just a globe.

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The Shifu Orboot made its debut through crowd-funding site Kickstarter, where it got $77,881 as their pledged fund. The astonishing number is quite relevant due to the capability of the Shifu Orboot to brings augmented reality technology that allows your kids to see attractive visual animations when directing a smartphone or tablet camera to the globe.

“Orboot engages kids in a way they can relate to every story, and ignite their imagination to make each adventure their own! Orboot is a factual and creative representation of the world. It has culminated from a wealth of research and representation to give an experience that will help the young minds grow.”PlayShifu

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Simply put, the users can simply aim at the location on the globe, then an animation will automatically appear that explains many things such as monuments, animals, special foods, natural sites, discoveries, culture, border lines, and climate conditions.

Shifu Orboot 1

PlayShifu is the company behind Orboot’s and the startup is planning to add mini-games to enhance the interaction between the users and their product. Not only a visual content, but the Orboot includes educational explanations through sound with various famous fairy tales.

Shifu Orboot 3

Orboot covers broad subtleties crossing society, developments, landmarks, characteristic marvels, guide, climate and food for every one of the nations of the world! It has many point by point 3D models, stunning voiceovers and neighborhood kinds of music, giving a vivid encounter to both kids and grown-ups.

As for the price, this modern educational product is tagged at $49.99.

In the Box

  • 10″ custom Globe (No borders or names on a globe)
  • Passport
  • Stamp
  • Stickers Booklet
  • Comprehensive help guide

Device Compatibility

  • iPad 3rd gen and above
  • iPad Air all models
  • iPad Pro all models
  • iPad Mini 2 and above
  • iPhone 6 and above
  • Android Device with minimum of 3 GB RAM



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