Pine Flat by Atelier 6 Architecture: Wood and Space!

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 4

The project Pine Flat is located on the fourth floor of a 19th-century building in Bordeaux. The entrance of the apartment is on one side near the ridge, and the dormer window on the other side brings natural light into the room.

As the entrance is very narrow, the architect at Atelier 6 Architecture designed a wooden aisle at the entrance, laying a warm tone for the entire 55m² living space.

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 4

Looking outside, the two architectural narratives are in sharp contrast: on one side is the bell tower of St. Paul’s Church built in the 17th century on Ravez Street, the facade is made of bronze stone; on the other side is the Palais des Sport, the other is made of glass and concrete built in the 1960s.

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 2

The height of the sloping roof makes the living room more spacious and warm. The countertops, partition walls, doors, and storage cabinets made of pine composite panels vary in size, and the combination of various blocks greatly optimizes the use area of ​​this apartment.

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 1

The color and texture of the wood form a harmonious contrast with the white beams, walls, ceilings, and gray kitchen. The stainless steel doors on both sides of the cooking table are spaces for storing tableware, kitchenware, and other sundries.

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 3

The cooking table is made of painted concrete, the sink and stove are integrated on one side, and the other side is a complete work table. The high windows on the west side of the room bathe the space in natural light.

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 5

There are two wooden doors with round holes on one side of the living room. A refrigerator is hidden behind one, and the other is a bathroom inside, giving people the feeling of being in a cabin. There is a wooden ladder on the wooden wall, connecting the upper alcove, and there is a double bed in the alcove.

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 7

Next to the bathroom is the bedroom, which is separated from the living space by double flat wooden doors. The platform set up around the bed includes functions such as bedside tables, bookshelves, and flower stands.

Pine Flat By Atelier 6 Architecture 6

The dressing room is also made of pine boards with white curtains. Walk up the two steps on the right side of the dressing room, which is a small niche with a bathtub embedded in it.





Photography: Atelier 6 Architecture

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