S-Works Venge: The New Shape of Speed with Aerodynamic Optimization

S Works Venge 6

SPECIALIZED comes with the new shape of speed in an awesome design called S-Works Venge. This bike is built with the best aerodynamic optimization to make you faster than ever. This new Venge is 8 seconds faster at yaw 0 degrees over 40 km. You can feel an amazing experience on the road with all conditions, including in the tunnel.



S Works Venge 1

Besides the aerodynamic design, S-Works Venge is also faster because of the perfect combination of its aerodynamic and weight. This combination has an important role for the best performance. It will be the best choice for you when you need to go up and down.

S Works Venge 6

The weight savings of S-Works Venge comes from the Rider-First Engineered™ tubes. This tube will make the bike not only lighter but also create a stiffness-to-weight ratio higher than others. With more than 40,000 Retül data points, this bike has a new performance in its geometry design.

S Works Venge 3

The new features also can be seen in the new cockpit, the higher stiffness of stem, new bars, and also extra grip and control from the textured pattern. Shimano A-Junction is used in the seat post, creating an easy charging and also easy way to check the battery levels.



S Works Venge 5

S Works Venge 4

The aerodynamics start with the coding process of writing the optimization algorithm. The design can make each frame in this bike comes with an awesome compliance, stiffness, and also handle. The integrated cockpit is a new feature that can make S-Works Venge easy to set up.



S Works Venge 2

S-Works Venge can be your sports bike and also your casual bike. The design of the frame and other parts of this bike allow you to use in any conditions. The sophisticated technology doesn’t come alone, it comes together with the stylish design too.

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