Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel: The World’s First Interactive Fishing Experience

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 6

Seven years ago there is a product called Smartrod which was equipped with a motion detector, which could sound an alarm when a fish lured the bait. Now another similar product is back on the radar with a technology in which the coil where the fishing line is rolled (reel) warns the fisherman via their smartphone.

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 3

Known as Smart Connect, this new reel is the creation of Kansas-based fishermen, Ed Hope. The product itself is being marketed through his company, Tackobox, and reportedly can work with any fishing rod.

The way it works is that anglers will use it when fishing and throwing bait into the water, after which they will let the equipment work. The angler only needs to sit waiting for the notification on the smartphone when the bait has hit the fish.

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 6

As far as the basic specifications, this reel has an aluminum spool, a lightweight composite body, a five-level anti-reverse mechanism, and a 4.7: 1 gear ratio.

However, it also has a removable rear module that contains sensors that can detect fish bite vibrations in the fishing rod. The module also has a Bluetooth unit and a USB rechargeable battery – one full charge is claimed can be used for 40 hours.

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 1

When fish eat the bait, Smart Connect rolls respond by sending a Bluetooth signal to an Apple or Android users. The free application on the phone tells them through a choice of alarms that can be heard, a screen that blinks or vibrates.

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 4

The application also allows users to record capture GPS coordinates, plus it can be paired with Bluetooth LED lighting products such as camping lanterns, which will light up to notify users that a fish has eaten the bait. One smartphone can monitor up to four Smart Connect devices simultaneously.

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 5

The reel sensor unit automatically turns off after the angler starts using the reel to pull the fishing thread. This feature is made so that the application does not continue to provide unwanted additional warnings caused by the movement of fish when it is being pulled.

Smart Connect Outdoor Bluetooth Fishing Reel 2

However, once the fish has been caught, pressing the button on the reel will activate the sensor again. While this Tackobox Gold Series Smart Connect Reel is only available in North America, however, you can order directly through the company’s website with a price tag of $ 119.

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