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Wearable Armor Costume 1

If you love all about armor superheroes from games or movies, then you should have some best wearable armor costumes from buyFullBodyArmors. Their mission is about designing and producing the high-quality cutting-edge armor costumes which are inspired by the games, comics, and movies. They also have two main goals, bring the fantasy to the real world and providing the durable products. Here are some great products for you to choose.

Mark 47 XLVII

Wearable Armor Costume 1

It is the newest wearable armor costumes from buyFullBodyArmors called Mark 47 XLVII. With the new painting and molding techniques, the result makes this costume has its best design. The ultra-detailed can be seen easily in every millimeter of it and the gem crystal looks shining as a metal.

Mark 47 XLVII has a new connection and segmentation design too with the movie-accurate coverage and the streamlined range of the movement. It is customizable, upgradable, and also modularized with its new electronic and mechanical system.


Mark III

Wearable Armor Costume 3

The Wearable Mark 3 (III) Armor Costume is a previous costume before the Mark 47 XLVII. This costume still become one of the most favorite customers to buy. The suit material is made from ABS plastic, PU plastic, and also aluminum alloy framework. The weight is about 15.4 lbs depends on the additional accessories.

The wearing system materials are Velcro hooks and loops, nylon plugs, and nylon belts. With the high glass protection paint and the primer paint, the painting result makes this costume looks great. The control system also helps you to hand lights and the blue lights on the armor chest.

Mark XLII 43

Wearable Armor Costume 2

Another popular armor costume from buyFullBodyArmors is Mark XLII 43. In this suit, the Iron Man image looks so awesome with the golden painting. The high gloss protection paint surely will give you the best durability for its gold and red color.

The best thing about this Iron Man suit is the new integrated joint structure on the suit design. You can use this suit more comfortable and also move faster. With the new movable armor pieces, you can also move easily just like your usual daily move.


Wearable Armor Costume 4

Need a bat suit? Then this Wearable Armored Batsuit Costume Suit is perfect for you. Ths costume suit is inspired by Batman Armor in the Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. The ultra-realistic design makes this costume looks so real. With some tough materials and best painting technology, it has the best durability.

The suit weight is about 15.4 lbs. It can be different if you add more accessories that you choose to be used together with this suit. The flat varnish protection paint makes the black color on this suite comes in a cool style with the real black bat suit just like on the movie.

War Machine Mark I

Wearable Armor Costume 5

The Wearable War Machine suit costume from buyFullBodyArmors is designed with the gauntlets or hand armors. This hand armor is made from synthetic resin, fiberglass, and ABC. With the automobile spray painting technology, this suit gets an awesome color layer and protection.

The removable add-on unit is very to be detached or attached to the suit. Those removable units are forearm machine gun, back jetpack, and also M134 mini-gun support base. You just need to do the routine maintenance on these units.

Mark II 2

Wearable Armor Costume 6

If you want to use Iron Man suit in a simple design, then you need to have this Wearable Mark 2 (II). The whole design of this suite is made from aluminum alloy, PU plastic, and also ABS plastic. It has only one design color but still look awesome.

The blue lights not only come from the chest but also from the legs and thighs. You can control these lights with the master switch. One thing that you need to do is turning on the control system on it before you put on the chest armor.

Master Chief

Wearable Armor Costume 8

Wearable Master Chief Armor Mark VI suit costume is a perfect suit for you who love all about a video game. The suit is inspired by the most legendary heroes. Now you can be the real hero just like in the video game if you put on this suit.

Wearable Head Robotic Geisha

Wearable Armor Costume 9

If you watched the Ghost in The Shell, you should know about this robotic geisha. buyFullBodyArmors is only designing the head only, but also complete with kimono and geta. The kimono is made from the satin silk and the geta is made from paulownia wood.

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