The New Leica M10-P Black Chrome: The Essence of the M Philosophy

The New Leica M10 P Black Chrome 1

M series cameras made by Leica are often praised for their not-too-large size and silent sound. Likewise with the newly released M10-P. The M10-P is a brand-new variant of the M10 series camera which is priced at USD 7,995. Not only, more expensive, but Leica also claims that the M10-P has the quietest shutter sound compared to other M series, both film and digital.

The New Leica M10 P Black Chrome 7

Leica claims that the M10-P’s mechanical shutter is 50% quieter than the ordinary M10, even when compared to the film version that uses the fabric on the shutter mechanism. This can be achieved because Leica uses rubber pads on its shutter components to reduce vibration and sound.

Premium Impression

The New Leica M10 P Black Chrome 6

Premium impression on the M10 is very visible from the debriefing of magnesium alloy metal material on the body. This makes the camera light in weight but also strong. The full frame sensor has a 24-megapixel resolution, Maestro II image processor, ISO 100-50,000 range, and a thinner frame than other digital M series cameras.

This new technology produces better imaging capabilities than its predecessors, namely impressive dynamic range, better color contrast, sharpness, and detailed resolution.


New Features

The New Leica M10 P Black Chrome 5

This camera has a touchscreen on the back and a new design style that is more inconspicuous, such as the loss of Leica’s flagship red dot logo, as well as Leica writing on the top of the camera. To complete it, the M10-P is also equipped with a hot shoe with the same color as the body color.

The New Leica M10 P Black Chrome 4

Advancement also occurs in the Leica M rangefinder, where the view of objects rises to 30 percent including the enlargement factor which is now 0.73. Eye-relief (the optimal distance between the eyes and viewfinder) also increased by 50 percent, making it comfortable to use, especially by photographers who are fond of glasses.

The New Leica M10 P Black Chrome 3

Like all today’s mirrorless cameras, Leica provides a Wi-Fi connection on the M10-P so the photos can be transferred quickly via iPhone. A Wi-Fi connection also allows M10 to be remotely controlled from a cellphone to take pictures.


Build to Last


The New Leica M10 P Black Chrome 1

Leica M10-P was released not to replace M10, because Leica will still keep other M10 series float on the market. But according to Leica, the M10-P is aimed at users who don’t want to attract public attention while also keeping the originality by using their camera.

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