Thor Trucks: More than Just “Green”

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In years past sending electric business vehicles included bargains in execution, unwavering quality, and accommodation. Presently, however, electric vehicles are all the more intense, dependable and savvy than regular diesel choices. Electric is the correct decision for the transportation business today.

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A start-up called Thor Trucks intends to beat Tesla to advertise with its electric truck, the ET-One and their Medium Duty which already is in progress to be tested by UPS. The Los Angeles-based company expects to have its vehicles underway in 2019.



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Meet the Thor ET-One semi-tractor, a Frankenstein of trucks. The case originates from a Navistar. It utilizes hardcore Dana axles and an off-the-rack engine from provider TM4. It’s the vision of two 25-year-old business people who are tapping family riches to dispatch advancement of an electric substantial truck.

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The Thor Powertrain is the core of each vehicle manufactured. It is the thing that gives the vehicle is one of a kind driving attributes and separates it from a regular semi-truck. Electric is great, electric is attractive, and electric is staying put.

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Thor’s battery pack is planned particularly for business uncompromising applications and is included the most elevated vitality thickness lithium-particle barrel-shaped cells. The designers are always trying the most up to date advancements and are eager to offer quicker fast charging and much longer ranges on future models.

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The ET-One was planned as an inseparable unit with drivers and armada administrators. Thor worked intimately with administrators of armadas extending from 10 to 10,000 vehicles in size to comprehend their needs and empower to convey a truck that consistently incorporates into existing armadas.

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ET-One was built to haul 80,000 pounds with instant torque at zero RPM. It’s a powerful tool designed to get the job done, stay on the road, and save operators money. Built with Tier 1 components, the vehicle is designed for maximum uptime and low-cost repairs.

Medium Duty

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Introducing Thor’s first fully electric delivery truck. Thor designed and powered, offering up to 200+ miles of range on a single charge. Thor’s delivery vans can be configured for a variety of applications including parcel delivery, food & beverage transportation, textile & linen transportation, utility vans, tool trucks, and refrigerated transport, among others.

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For a half year, UPS will test the medium-duty electric conveyance truck as a major aspect of its armada. Testing will incorporate rough terrain assessment to address solidness, battery limit, specialized joining, designing and any things found amid on-street testing.

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The trucks will utilize battery packs design by Thor Trucks and introduced into altered aluminum skeleton sourced from conveyance van producer Morgan Olson. Budgetary terms of the venture aren’t being revealed, however, Thor expects to in the long run offer finished adaptations of comparative conveyance trucks for as meager as $68,000, for units with only 50 miles of range for every charge, beginning in 2019.

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