AKTIVO Scoot: The First Hubless Electric Scooter in the World

AKTIVO Scoot 9

AKTIVO Scoot is designed with a stylish form and also powerful electric. This is the first hubless electric scooter in the world. The specification of AKTIVO Scoot is perfect for your daily use. The design is inspired by the car industry with its sportive design lines. It looks like no other.


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This awesome scooter has 30km per hour with 18.6 mph for its maximum speed. The range is about 25km or 15.5 miles. AKTIVO Scoot is not really heavy with its 13kg of the weight. You can use it to climb a hill with 20 degrees of an angle. It takes 2 hours only for the fast charging.



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This awesome scooter is built with the best design and performance ever. The frame is made from a single-piece magnesium frame and an astonishing empty wheel electric motor. The design makes it becomes a powerful scooter in the world.



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The wheel is the most advanced wheel ever. It is designed with 7 patents and integrated brushless motor. The wheel is a high torque with high steering accuracy and ceramic brake. It doesn’t need any maintenance for this scooter wheel.



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You just need to spend 3 seconds for the folding mechanism of this scooter. It is very easy and fast to fold it. It fits well in your car trunk or when you carry it in the train or subway. It will be always ready to help you to go to the next destination.



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AKTIVO Scoot has the best safety for your ride. The double action brake is very easy to be controlled. The position lights will ensure that you are able to be seen by others. The alarm will notify you about the overheating on its battery.



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You can check your battery levels and speed of this scooter right from the dashboard. You can even connect it to the app to get a complete access with all best functions like hardware health, statistics, traveling distance, and also riding modes.



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The fingertip control is very easy to be used with the AKTIVO App. With this app, you can select some riding modes to get the best functions of the scooter based on your need. You can also learn how to ride your scooter properly.



AKTIVO Scoot 5

AKTIVO Scoot offers 2A and 3A chargers. It takes only 3 hours to charge the scooter with 2A charger and also 2 hours with 3A charger. With this kind of fast charging, you can complete your daily journey in an easy way.



AKTIVO Scoot 1

AKTIVO Scoot is available in two awesome colors, Arctic White and Space Grey. Those colors are the best colors to be used in a scooter, makes your journey looks more stylish and also elegant whenever and wherever you are.

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