Urbalive Worm Farm: A New Way for Composting Your Kitchen Bio Waste

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Composting your kitchen biowaste will be easier with Urbalive Worm Farm. It is an indoor kit to help you compose all biowastes in your kitchen well. It can be used not only in the households but also in offices and classrooms. Jan Pelcl is the designer of Urbalive Worm Farm and it is manufactured by Plastia, the established European producer. It is a famous producer of gardening equipment.


Urbalive Worm Farm 7

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Urbalive Worm Farm is not only easy to use but also odor-free. You just need to follow the basic rules in using it. That’s why this product is called an indoor kit because of its odor-free. It will not make your room interior smells bad.



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This awesome kit is designed with trays. The trays are the places where the worms can transform the food scraps from your kitchen into a vermicompost. The bin is the place to collect the liquid worm tea is built with a tight-fitting lid.

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The vermicompost itself contains natural growth hormones and also potent enzymes. You can add it to soils in planters and your favorite flower pots. The worm tea becomes a liquid fertilizer, it contains a lot of enzymes and nutrients to help your plants grow and safe fro the pests.



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Urbalive Worm Farm comes in a modern design. It has a lid which is easy to be lifted and also four small legs that make it stands. Put it in your kitchen first before you use the composing result to your outdoor plants. Make sure you have enough liquid fertilizer for all your plants.



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One of the best things from Urbalive Worm Farm is the stylish look. It will not make your home looks odd. It fits perfectly with your kitchen cabinet, storage, rug, and even your indoor pot. The green color also adds a decorative accent to your kitchen.

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