Wearable Memo: Easier and Simpler Way with WemO

Wearable Memo 3

Do you ever return home from the market just to realize that you overlooked one important thing to buy? Are you working a vocation where you need to recall basic points of interest immediately?

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Or on the other hand, do you ever end up composing on your hand to remind you to accomplish something later? Japanese design firm Kenma intends to solve the majority of that with wemo. WEMO is a wearable silicon band intended to be composed on with an indelible marker for use in the medicinal and many other working fields.

Wearable Memo 3

To write on it, you can utilize any marker and delete it with an eraser or your fingers. Besides, you can wash your hands and get wet all you need, yet the data you composed won’t vanish. It’s extremely just when you apply enough grinding that the subtle elements will be deleted. You can even work underwater if you want.

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What’s more, some designs are graduated, which means you can use them as a ruler when you take them off. Others are ruled, so it’s useful when you need your memos to be written in straight lines.

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The creators were motivated by burse and how they oftentimes need to scribble down notes staring them in the face while working. In the wake of doing much research, they found nursing isn’t the main calling that could utilize an advantageous spot to take notes.

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Outside the medicinal field, individuals working in assembling, development, creation, law, at calamity destinations, and so forth., alongside instructors or anybody giving an address, may require a place to write data or to reference it.

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Notwithstanding the above laborers, it can likewise be helpful for the individuals who are hard to “recollect, for example, dementia/ADHD and their families, and understudies who need to retain” numerous information.

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The designer of WEMO have designed this silicon band type memo to wear on the arm that aimed to fulfill the matters, “anytime, anywhere, writable, rememberable”, to endure hard work at these work sites and you can get this amazing product from amazon japan here.

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