Werkhaus by Gogl Architekten: Careful and Confident Renovation

Werkhaus By Gogl Architekten 2

Werkhaus is a project handled by Gogl Architekten where they took care of the renovation of a townhouse located in St. Johann, Tirol. The renovation took one year to finish and the whole process including planning, interior, and furniture was all handle by the team from Gogl Architekten.

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The Werkhaus, which has been re-radiated after careful renovation, confidently takes its place at the intersection of the pedestrian zone and the new meeting zone laid out in the market town’s master plan.

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Taking into account the original regular façade structure, the wall openings of different sizes will be succinctly repositioned, appropriate to the location as a townhouse.

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The facade surfaces are retained, full thermal insulation is not required and an insulating plaster is applied. Additional design elements are made of metal, the windows are made of solid oak.

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Inside, the salesroom of the fashion store develops through an air space to the floor above. The outside lighting takes into account the different functions inside the building, the newly designed forecourt forms the true-to-scale link to the historic town center.

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The house sees itself as a continuation of the meeting zone. In addition to the retail space, this also applies to the top floor. Aside from cost-benefit thinking, there is a non-programmed room unit with a living atmosphere.

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Here you can work in the classic sense, even if it is not a specific office typology. The roof space, also known as play space, is the link between private and public areas.

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The whole implementation of simplicity is embedded flawlessly inside the place. The touch of wood that was mated with metal accent really accentuated the old vibe from the space.


Gallery of Werkhaus 


Photography: Mark Webhofer

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