Yamaha SCR950: Combines Vintage, Scrambler Styling with Modern Engineering

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Yamaha presents the classic nuance in the shape of Yamaha SCR950 in hopes of carrying the actual street scrambler concept.

The Yamaha SCR950 was built using a 942 cc V-Twin engine with XV950’s air conditioner. The power generated of the machine is quite large as it can spit 52.1 HP with a torque of 79.5 Nm.

The motorbike comes with a fairly wide handlebars position. The tank is able to hold 13.2 liters of gasoline. Although the motorbike looking old school, this one has used a digital speedometer.

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Yamaha SCR950 is also equipped with an engine with Fuel Injection technology that is able to optimize the performance of this motorbike engine by further saving the level of fuel consumption.

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The front wheels are 19 inches in diameter, while the rear is 17 inches. The tire used on the Yamaha SCR950 not only grips strongly on the asphalt but also bites on light off-road tracks.

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The seat height to the ground reaches 830 mm or 140 mm which is higher than the XV950 version. That way, the motor’s ground clearance can reach 145 mm which is high enough for touring.

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The Yamaha SCR950 also has a weight that reaches around 252 kg. So with the specifications that are fairly robust, it’s no wonder that the price of the Yamaha SCR950 seems a lil bit quite expensive.

Yamaha Scr950 1

Yamaha Scr950 2

Yamaha SCR950 is also equipped with a soft seat with a thickness that reaches 830 mm. Plus, the back of the motorbike is equipped with a cool and sporty design.

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The motorbike is marketed starting at $ 8,699 and comes in two color choices, Charcoal Silver and Rapid Red.

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