2018 Audi RS 5 Coupe: The Lap and Mind of Luxury

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 5

The Audi mark has been experiencing two things: sheltered, developmental styling and the diesel embarrassment that overwhelmed the whole Volks­wagen Group. It needs simply the hot new item, and the RS5 ought to demonstrate that the brand hasn’t lost its touch.

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 7

The RS5 depends on the secluded, longitudinal-­engine MLB Evo stage, imparted to the A4, the Q5/Q7, the cutting edge A6/A7/A8, and various VW Group models.

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 6

A 444-hp version of the twin-turbo 2.9-liter V-6 that also powers the Porsche Panamera 4S. Peak torque is rated at 443 pound-feet, and the output routes to all four wheels through a ZF-supplied eight-speed automatic.

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 5

The 90-degree six is 44 pounds lighter than the V-8 (the car is 132 pounds lighter in general), all blower equipment included, and its two turbochargers are settled in the valley between the barrel banks.

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 4

The 2018 RS 5 is one of the first standard bearers of the new-look Audi Sports division, which has reorganized the brand’s RS street car and customer race car efforts under one flag.


Calm Interior

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 1

Inside, the Audi raises the visual temperature, however, doesn’t go over the edge on kid racer tropes. Audi’s wonderful, precious stone sewed to the seats highlight RS logos, flexible side reinforces, and, a bit shockingly, standard back rub capacities, maybe to calm more established spines in the wake of a prolonged day in the seat.

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 8

Developed with performance driving in mind, the driver-centric design offers an intuitive layout with the Audi hallmark wing-design wraparound dashboard and easy-to-operate controls and functions.


Race Track Impact

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 3

The transmission serves all four wheels, and while Audi slaps the label “Quattro” on a variety of AWD configurations, the one in the RS5 is among the best.

2018 Audi Rs 5 Coupe 2

The Audi R 5 Coupe  2018 will arrive not long from now as a 2018 model with the cost just about $70K; the Sportback compose will come to the market a half-year later.

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