2021 Tuono 125: The Unbeatable V4 Hypernaked

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Aprilia has introduced the 2021 Tuono 125. The motorbike gets the revised single-cylinder, LED light, a USD fork, and even a quick-shifter.

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The smallest representatives of Aprilia’s Tuono have a new design for 2021. The design language, which was first introduced in the 660 models RS 660 and Tuono 660 and then also adopted in the 1100 models, is now reflected in the entire model range. The 125s have not only been extensively revised in terms of their looks but also technically.

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The water-cooled four-valve single-cylinder has been extensively redesigned. The engine should now generate more torque and power at lower speeds. Together with the new, shorter gear ratio, this should provide more acceleration for the Tuono 125.

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The top performance remains at 11 kW, depending on the category. To match the sporty image, the newcomers even have a quickshifter in the accessories.

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The new Tuono 125 are braked at the front with four-piston calipers that bite into a single 300 mm disc. Single-piston pliers and a 218 mm washer are used at the rear.

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New for the 2021 version is the Bosch 2-phase ABS, which is intended to prevent rollover in the event of emergency braking with the tip-over function.

On the chassis side, Aprilia relies on a USD fork and a mono-shock absorber. The ready-to-drive weight is a light 144 kg.

When it comes to lighting, Aprilia is also taking a step into modern times with the new 125 cc. The models now come with LED lights all around. There is also a new digital display with fuel level, consumption, and remaining range display. As an option, it is now also possible to connect the smartphone using the MIA platform.

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Price and Availability

The 2021 Aprilia Tuono 125 is available in gray, white, and red with a price tag of $ 7,000.

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