EPOS H3: The Best All-Round Gaming Headset

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After launching the gaming wireless earbuds earlier in the year, EPOS is now announcing the EPOS H3 gaming headset. This latest gaming headset offers attractive features at a competitive selling price.

Epos, which is the gaming spin-off of Sennheiser, usually delivers headsets that provide perfect sound, whether it’s a super-advanced beast like the GSP 670 or the small GTW 270. The new H3 is an intermediate model that follows the plug-and-play philosophy all the way but still offers a lot of features.

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Like most gaming headsets, the design also adopts a closed-back style. The weight is made light to make it more comfortable to use for playing games for a long time.

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One thing that is interesting, the earpads of this gaming headset are modular in design. So, gamers can easily replace the earpads if they are damaged or are no longer comfortable to use.

EPOS H3 features are relatively simple. Since it is not a wireless gaming headset, the connectivity still relies on the 3.5mm audio jack cable. That way, gamers can connect it to PC, Mac, and various console models such as Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox to play games.

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Two different types of cords are also included in the package, one common and one splitter cord depending on the area of use. It should be added that the headset is compatible with an external amplifier.

Unfortunately, no details on the size of the driver are stated by the product maker. The gaming headset is said to be able to produce sound in a frequency response of 10 to 30,000 Hz with an impedance level of 20 Ohms.

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In addition, gamers can also find a microphone feature to talk during gaming sessions. To make it easy for gamers, there is an audio dial feature to make it easier to adjust the volume.



There are two color choices to suit the gamer style, black and white. As for the price, the EPOS H3 is priced at $ 119.

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