5 Best Places To Ride a Motorcycle In Florida

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If you’re a Florida local, you know how gorgeous the area is. From the beaches, to the big cities, to everywhere in between, there’s a plethora of great spots to saddle up and explore. From a local, here are the 5 best places to motorcycle in Florida.


1: Daytona Beach: Bike Week & Biketoberfest


We are starting off strong with one of the most famous motorcycle events in all of Florida: Bike Week and Biketoberfest in Daytona Beach. For this, you’re going to want one of the

best helmet cameras, because this event can get wild.

These annual get togethers are full of great places to stop and eat, shop, and explore. Expect a wave of other bikers though. After all, these are known to be some of the largest motorcycle meet ups in the world.


Bike Week lasts 10 days, and is generally held around the beginning on March, and Biketoberfest  is generally a long weekend in mid-late October.
2: Key West

If you’re looking to get away from it all, Key West is a place like no other. Unlike some of the busier cities in Florida, Key West is known for its relaxed atmosphere and beautiful views.

Because of this alone, it is a great spot to plan a motorcycle trip to. You can drive across the 7 mile bridge to make your way to the islands, and take in awe-inspiring views along the way.

3: Tampa To Miami Via Tamiami Trail

Tamiami Trail is big. It stretches 275 miles from Tampa to Miami (hence the name). While this isn’t a highway, it can get you from point A to point B just as well.

If you want to sit back and relax, while enjoying beautiful ocean-front views, this road is a great alternative to traditional inner-state highways.

4: Homosassa to Crystal River, FL via Ozello Trail

If you’re more into the historic views that Florida has to offer, check out the Ozello Trail. This road which leads from Homosassa to Crystal River is known for going through some gorgeous historic areas of Florida.

5: Alva to LaBelle, FL via North River Road

By some, this is considered to be one of the nicest ways to get around South Florida. It isn’t heavily trafficked, and offers great spots without much slowing you down, along with stunning views of the area.

Wrapping It Up

Florida is gorgeous, we all know that. However, places like Disney World or Miami aren’t exactly great places to take a motorcycle trip. If you’re traveling to Florida, or a native looking to see something new, these scenic routes give you the best that Florida has to offer.

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