Logitech MX Ergo: Comfort’s New Angle

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The trackball was used before the mouse was selected as the main PC control input. The usage may not be as intuitive as a modern mouse, but the trackball excels because it is not restricted by space.

Due to its accuracy, it also becomes a favorite type of designer peripherals. At present, Logitech is one of the few companies that continue to produce trackballs for their consumers.

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Although it may seem a step backward Logitech does do their best in introducing a trackball mouse dubbed MX Ergo. The company first released the mouse in 2017 and still going on strong on the market.

Logitech explained that the MX Ergo was deliberately designed for trackball enthusiasts as well as those who were looking for alternatives to a regular mouse or touchpad.

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Ergo MX brings on an ergonomic design for operation by the right-handed. The layout resembles a standard mouse as there are two main buttons, a scroll wheel in the middle, followed by a DPI switch button.

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The two thumb buttons are placed close to the main button to make room for the trackball. Uniquely, the left side of the Ergo MX can be raised up to 20 degrees, allowing the users to find the most comfortable position.

Logitech claims that the Ergo MX design is able to reduce hand muscle tension by up to 20 percent compared to an ordinary mouse. Furthermore, you can change the level of accuracy and speed via a small button near the trackball.

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The Ergo MX is a wireless mouse, it can be connected to a laptop via Bluetooth or via a Logitech Unifying Receiver USB dongle. In order to support productivity, the Logitech Ergo MX is also equipped with FLOW technology, allowing the user to copy and paste text, images, and files from one PC to another.

We did mention the maximum effort by Logitech on their way to prepare the MX Ergo and now it’s getting real as the company utilizes optical sensors with a sensitivity of 320-440DPI as the heart of the MX Ergo, then ensures the button can work normally up to 10 million clicks.

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The micro-USB port act as the port for charging the battery, and through a one-time recharging process, the 500mAh battery can keep the mouse active for up to four months. For all the convenience it offers, Logitech marketed the product at a reasonable price, which is at $ 99.99.


Logitech MX Ergo

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