Microsoft announced several new Surface devices. And even though all the headline has been about the Surface Pro X and Pro 8 but the Surface Laptop Studio is also a noteworthy product. The 2-in-1 device doubles as a laptop and folds into a tablet-like device is infinitely flexible.

Coincide with the launching of the Surface Duo, Microsoft also took their time to update the Surface Go lineup. Marketed as the lowest variant on the Surface entrants, the Surface Go 3 now gets an update on its processor.

In addition to the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft also announced the refreshment on its 2-in-1 laptop with Surface Pro 8. The device will undoubtedly replace the Surface Pro 7, which was launched in 2019.

Microsoft recently updated almost the whole lineup of Surface products, including the Surface Pro X. In its third generation, the Surface Pro X packed much more improvements in the display section, connectivity options, and the Windows operating system.

It's hard to deny that talking about Microsoft's Surface, is almost synonymous with the hybrid touch tablets offered by the manufacturer. However, the Surface range also includes laptops running Windows 10, called Surface Laptop Go which recently got its new version.

Microsoft has officially announced the presence of their newest line of Surface laptops, the Surface Laptop 4, the successor of the Surface Laptop 3 which was released about a year and a half ago.

Microsoft is launching a new, particularly affordable Surface Pen, which will initially only be available to customers from the education market. With prices starting at just under $ 20, the so-called Microsoft Classroom Pen 2 is extremely cheap.

Unlike before, Microsoft has been firmly positioned with HoloLens 2 as an enterprise product, because its potential will indeed be far more felt in the hands of professionals than consumers in general. That's why Microsoft doesn't hesitate to set a price of $ 3,500 for the latest HoloLens 2. Apart from that, the price tag for the size of enterprise products is still relatively reasonable.

The All In One Keyboard comes with this unusual design that looks funny first but makes a world of sense later. Fitting inside its cuboidal frame is a keyboard, a trackpad, and a wireless charging dock which not only charges the keyboard but even your smartphones.

Laptops have evolved into one of the most significant tools for increasing productivity. However, with so many new laptops being released each month, it is tough to pick the suitable one for your necessities. But don't worry: our roundup includes 12 laptops with a wide range of capabilities.

Microsoft doesn't seem to have given up on making their own foldable phone. Recently, the software corporation has officially launched the Surface Duo 2, the successor of the first-generation folding Android phone, Surface Duo, which was introduced last year.

In the fiery days of E3 2021, the cross-green galaxy didn't just gravitate around the announcements of the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase. During the event, in fact, the well-known manufacturer of videogame accessories Turtle Beach presented the Recon Controller - Wired.