Aeon Mk. III Electric Torch Titanium Series 2: The Truest Reliable Companion to Any Adventure.

Aeon Mk Iii Electric Torch Titanium Series 2 6

Muyshondt, a brand known for making ultra-top of the line electric light have release an all-new light called the Aeon Mk. III Series 2. The light is intended to fit in a space as little as a coin stash, yet still conveys noteworthy capacity to the table with 160 lumens.

Aeon Mk Iii Electric Torch Titanium Series 2 6

The issue with numerous electric torch today is that they endeavor to be an excessive number of things. They wind up being a handyman, yet an ace of none. They wind up giving up unadulterated execution so as to take into account a more extensive crowd. The Aeon Mk. III is the correct inverse. It just completes a couple of critical things, and it does them particularly well.


The Most Practical

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The Aeon Mk. III may not have the most lumens or the smallest. In any case, it’s unquestionably the best as far as of the outline, craftsmanship, and thoughtfulness regarding points of interest. In the event that you require an exactness lighting instrument for your regular utilize. Something that is specially crafted and hand amassed from the best materials accessible – then the Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III Electric Torch Titanium Series 2 is for you.

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It’s about quality over quantity with the Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III. The High-CRI Nichia 219B LED and exactness machined allegorical reflector give you a faultless light emission, warm light. This permits the owner to see better and all the more precisely.

At the core of the Aeon Mk. III is a handcrafted light motor that provisions completely directed yield for ideal effectiveness. This gives you mind-boggling yield and runtimes from a minimized CR2 cell.


Solid Material

Aeon Mk Iii Electric Torch Titanium Series 2 2

The metal of the Titans. Solid and lightweight – the most elevated quality to weight proportion of any metal on Earth – hard to machine, especially sturdy, and fit for withstanding the hardest circumstances you can toss at it.

To a great degree scratch safe, coming in at 9 on the Mohs Scale, the artificially developed sapphire is covered with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating on each side to transmit more light.

Aeon Mk Iii Electric Torch Titanium Series 2 1

For an ordinary convey light, The Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III electric torch is in its very own alliance on the grounds that no bargains were made in its development, and no subtle elements were saved in its outline. It’s made from 41 custom parts, with up to 68 distinctive assembling activities and 36 steps of meticulous hand assembly.

The Aeon Mk. III has been tested in near-Space. Launched unprotected to over 100,000 feet (31.5km), experiencing temperatures as low as -54F (-48C), and pressures less than 1/10th of those at sea level, then falling back to the Earth, the Aeon was safely recovered and worked flawlessly after its flight.

Aeon Mk Iii Electric Torch Titanium Series 2 4



Regarding sheer artfulness and refinement, the Aeon Mk. III has no equivalent. It’s an electric flashlight that you can bear easily, that is so all around outlined and instinctive to utilize that it’ll coordinate flawlessly into your way of life. If you’re looking for the flashlight that is the absolute best at what it does – you can do no better than the Muyshondt Aeon Mk. III.

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