Amazfit Helio Ring

Amazfit Helio Ring

Zepp Health has introduced the Amazfit Helio Ring, a groundbreaking smart wearable designed for elite athletes. This innovative ring is crafted to enhance athletic performance by focusing on quality recovery. It provides detailed analysis and guidance on various aspects of an athlete’s recovery process, including training load, sleep quality, and mental well-being.

Advanced Recovery Analysis and Guidance

The Amazfit Helio Ring offers a unique feature where athletes can wear it during sleep to receive a Readiness score and insights based on their physical and mental recovery. This score helps athletes decide whether to push their limits or take time to relax. The ring works in conjunction with the Zepp Aura AI rest and wellness service, offering customized sleep sounds, detailed sleep reports, meditation sounds, and access to the Zepp Wellness Coach.

More Than Just a Sleep Tracker

Beyond tracking sleep, the Amazfit Helio Ring serves as a personal workout partner and sports scientist. It supports various workout modes like Running, Walking, Cycling, and Treadmill, tracking detailed performance data. The ring also provides specialized fitness data such as VO2 Max, Training Load, and Training Effect. Additionally, it can predict race outcomes for various distances based on recorded runs and current fitness status.

Mental and Physical Health Monitoring

The Amazfit Helio Ring is equipped with an electrodermal activity sensor to measure stress levels, particularly focusing on sweat responses from the hands. It also offers enhanced heart rate, blood-oxygen, stress, and sleep tracking, providing a clearer picture of an athlete’s mental and physical recovery.

Designed for Intense Athletic Demands

The ring is made from skin-friendly titanium alloy, available in size 10 or 12, and can be custom engraved. It is engineered to withstand intense physical demands, featuring a water-resistance grade of 10 ATM, making it suitable for use in various environments, including ice baths and saunas.

Compatibility and Integration

The Amazfit Helio Ring can be used alone or in conjunction with an Amazfit sportswatch, enhancing the fitness journey by fusing data from both devices for deeper analysis. It is compatible with popular fitness communities and smartphone apps like Strava, adidas Running, komoot, Relive, Google Fit, and Apple Health.

Source: Amazfit

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